November 26, 2007

Survived another year

Yes, I made it through another year of working retail on Black Friday. It was the craziest year yet at our store. There were over 300 people waiting to get in on Friday morning!!!! I had to work in electronics and thankfully I was assigned to the register in that area, so I was not trampled. This year people were so mean to each other. There was a lot of name calling, stealing out of each others shopping carts and one poor lady had a toy taken right out of her hands! I'm sorry, but they are just material items are they really worth getting so mean?!?

I really wasn't even that impressed with the sales this year, at least in department of things that I need/want. I ended up with one digital photo frame that will be a gift for Nick's mom. I was excited to see one floating around while I was on my break. Other than that there was nothing in our ad that I wanted.

I didn't even look through all of the sale ads this year - ok, all at once, gasp!! I had to work the night before Thanksgiving. I was part of the team to pull all the "bulk" items for the 2 day ad and then we took down the ad and set up the ad after the store closed. I was scheduled to work until 1:30, but ended up being there until 3 am! I was up at about 8:30 to head up to Wisconsin. First we went to Nick's step-mom's, where I proceeded to take a "rest" in the recliner while everyone ate. I never eat there, I save my whole stomach for the feast with my family. A little later we headed to my parents, got there just in time to eat. :) I usually eat and then spend time looking at the ads. My sister was coming home with me so we could do shopping on Friday when I was done with and on Saturday. We wanted to leave in time to get home to watch Grey's. Of course we missed it, I WILL be downloading it and watching it.

Friday my sister and I shopped from the time I was done with work until 11 pm. I actually didn't find very much on Friday and was quite disappointed. I slept in on Saturday and then we headed down to Woodfield Mall. We found a lot on Saturday and had a really good time. I put a nice dent in my Christmas list. I went into work at 8pm Saturday night and worked until 5 am on Sunday morning. I was TIRED!!!!!!!! I think I'm still recovering, but have a lot to do today. I need to finish laundry - oh wait, does that ever end? I need to finish getting my Christmas decorations out and get the tree decorated. I guess I should get busy.

November 19, 2007

Almost turkey time!

Why am I just not into the season of things this year??? Christmas is my all time favorite holiday and by now I'm usually just itching to get my decorations out - not this year! I always enjoy Thanksgiving because I don't have to cook or have it at my house. My dad still wants to cook for the holiday's, which is fine by be. :) He cooks a killer turkey and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside because it takes me back to the holidays growing up.

I was thinking of putting my Christmas stuff out on Wednesday, which I just don't think will happen now. I thought maybe if I got it out it would lite a fire under my butt in getting in the mood, we'll see.

So, I of course will be working very late Wednesday night, actually into Thursday morning. I'm scheduled to work until 1:30 am, but last year we didn't get out until after 2:30 am, so we'll see. The of course I'm opening up on Friday morning and then my sister and I will head out to do some shopping. Maybe that will get me in the mood. Of course we have to find a present for out SIL which is damn near impossible. What do you get for a spiteful, ungrateful bitch?

Nick had his surgery on Friday and all went very well. He's now trying very hard to keep his food elevated. It's very difficult since he has ants in his pants. At least he actually took today off from work - no phone calls even - unheard of. Tomorrow and Wednesday he will be working from home. At least I was able to go out by myself today and get the grocery shopping done. I'm guessing half the workforce is on vacation and they are all getting their Thanksgiving shopping done now because it was just packed out there today. If it's a sign of what's to come we are in big trouble.

I just have to shout out to Michelle that the circle cutter was/is very easy! You were just speeding along on those pages that you were to fast for the system to work. :p I was able to get a lot of pages done, not even close to 41, but a lot done on Saturday and it was WONDERFUL! Thank you, thank you Julie and Michelle for inviting Amy and I to join you. We had a great time and I was very glad that you were able to meet my best friend. She had a great time. :) I think I've even convinced her to join the board.

After our wonderful day of scrapping I was able to get out of work early and Amy and I did a little shopping. While at the big b*ullseye we were shopping for toys and came across some spy gear and almost bought it - wink, wink. We did find a few good deals. I got the boys some robes, not as gifts, but because they have no fat on their little bodies so after their showers they freeze. It looked like I 3 little H*ugh H*efners running around. I have got to get a picture of that one!

Oh and Michelle, sorry I gave it a good shot but just couldn't keep up with the posting every day. You really put me to shame with all that you get done working full-time and being such a great mom!

With that, I'm taking my shameless butt downstairs to watch a movie with my husband. Night all...

November 14, 2007

This post is really for Tuesday

It's just after midnight, can't this still count as my Tuesday post?

Michelle, it was so good talking with you tonight. Sorry if I sounded funny at times, I was trying to conceal that I was on the phone while I was working. :) I'll be working tomorrow night again, so I'll keep my eyes out for more Cars just in case some come in tonight. I'll be sure to bring them all on Saturday.

Today I took Ian for a haircut, he just loves to get his haircut. He says to me after we left, "haircut looks nice", too cute!

Ethan was snooping around the basement, which he never does for fear a spider just might eat him. Anyway, he found some presents that I got for Ian. Of course he asked about them - thankfully asked me if they are for Ian's birthday. Well, I guess they are now. :( I guess mommy and daddy need to find better hiding spots. I know Ethan is reaching a point where he is starting to question these things and I won't lie to him about anything. I just worry that he won't be able to keep it from his brothers.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week already!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 12, 2007


Feeling just blah and down, so I'm not going to post because I just don't want to sound negative. Was a very long weekend and will be a long couple of weeks. Be back tomorrow - hopefully in a better mood.

November 8, 2007

Very tired

It's almost midnight already. I'm just trying to unwind from work, very busy and I'm very tired it's been a long week. Worked on the ad, very BIG next week.

More tomorrow...............

November 7, 2007

Teacher conferences

First, Joey, I can so relate to you on the sock thing. I sometimes want to strip everyone naked so that there are no dirty clothes. :) I have recently started paying Ethan (part of his chores) to sort all the socks for me - I hate sorting all the socks.

Tonight was teacher conferences. All went really well. Ethan is way ahead when it comes to math and time and right where he should be for everything else. Aidan is doing very well. The writing samples compared to when he first started school (August) to now is amazing. Much more clear, uniform, etc. He's doing really great also, although he does talk to much - surprise, surprise. Can't imagine where he gets that from - huh??

Thank you Michelle, I am glad you brought up getting stuff together to scrapbook. I had better get started soon so I have it all ready to go next weekend. I am so in need of a good day of scrapbooking. I haven't done it in a couple of months, it's just so hard to find the time throughout the day. I can't leave my stuff out, so it's a big ordeal to get it all out and get some done. I'm still sad that the fun place Amy and I always went to closed down. We need to find a new location so that we can try and do it once month. It's always a good time to catch up on things and our scrapbooks too. :)

I need to check my ebay items again, four days left and already met the reserve on one of the items I'm selling - yee haw!!

November 6, 2007

A little nutty

Selling on e*bay makes me feel nutty. I get such a rush when people start bidding on my items. :) I am so crazed by it all though; I am constantly checking to see if people are bidding, how many watchers, how high is it at this time. Seven days I do this and sometimes I think I make myself really crazy over the whole thing.

This morning we had a meeting with the school for Ian. Thankfully they feel he doesn't need any other evaluations. We have one more meeting in December to go over everything with them to talk about the plan for his therapy. He was so good and just played while Nick and I had our meeting. Of course this meeting was only a little more than 1/2 an hour, so he wasn't ready to leave. We bribed him out by taking him to the movie store to rent a B*lue's Clue movie.

Ethan and Aidan are off the rest of the week - ugg, what am I going to do with them?? I plan to at least take them swimming one day, but need to keep them busy or they will torture each other. Three days off school for teacher conferences, I don't understand why so many days!

What the hell is up with Brothers and Sisters!!! I am so disappointed that Kitty lost the baby. I shouldn't be surprised, as I wondered from the beginning of that if she was going to actually have the baby. While I felt that way I was still holding out hope that it would happen. I just think it would make a great storyline for the show.

I have already done 8 loads of laundry this week!!!!!! Sometime I am actually going to keep track of how much I do in one week. Am I exciting or what?!? But, I just don't understand how I go through so much product. Not to mention that as soon as I seem to get through the laundry the damn hampers are full again - blech!!!